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About Us

About the Fox Hill School

The Fox Hill School offers excellence in early childhood education.  We provide a curriculum rich preschool and pre-kindergarten program designed to inspire and excite children about learning in a beautiful, nurturing, collaborative environment.  We offer flexible program options for children ages 2.9 to 6 years.

At the Fox Hill School our first priority is to make children feel safe, happy, confident and proud.  Our experienced team of early childhood professionals is committed to the unique and individual development of every child.  Teachers work with children individually and in small groups while providing time for students to learn from each other.  Each of our teachers has been carefully selected through an extensive interview and orientation process.  In addition, all of our teachers pursue ongoing professional development and everyone on the staff is certified in early childhood health and safety, first aid and CPR.

Our curriculum, “Tell Me a Story,” supports children’s emerging interests and skills and fosters self-expression, language acquisition and creative problem solving.  Our classrooms, indoors and out, have been specifically designed to provide age appropriate challenges and opportunities for young children.  The environment is constructed to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage active exploration and discovery.  Most of all, we are very serious about having fun!

The Fox Hill School provides services to children and families regardless of their race, cultural heritage, national origin, parents’ marital status, religion, political beliefs, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

The Fox Hill School is owned and operated by Kids Incorporated.

About Fox Hill School Pre-K/Kindergarten

The Fox Hill School Pre-K/Kindergarten will provide an innovative and unique experience for your Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten aged child.  Our literature based curriculum is designed to inspire and excite children about learning and encourage creative and critical thinking in a collaborative environment.  The curriculum includes language arts, math, social studies, science, music, art, drama, Spanish, gym, library and technology skills. Every day, children are actively involved in problem solving, observation, exploration, discovery and creative self-expression.

Our experienced teachers are committed to the unique and individual development of every child.  Teachers work with children individually and in small groups while providing time for students to learn from each other.  The 1:5 teacher-student ratio allows for individualized instruction to accommodate the different learning styles and levels of understanding among the children.  Our goal is to create an environment for children to grow as individuals and learn the importance of being members of a community.

The Fox Hill School Kindergarten is owned and operated by Kids Incorporated.

Kids Incorporated

Mission Statement

Kids Incorporated and the Fox Hill School provide an innovative educational environment which inspires a love of learning, nurtures self-confidence and encourages children to be proud, responsible, independent thinkers. We view early education as a process by which children become confident life-long learners who take responsibility for themselves, each other and the world around them.

School Philosophy

At Kids Incorporated and the Fox Hill School we value innovation, excellence, respect, honesty and fun. We strive to create a stimulating learning experience for our students, working in partnership with our families. The cornerstone of our success is our dedicated team of early childhood educators who are committed to creating a supportive learning environment and inspiring a genuine love of learning in their students.

Our Curriculum

"Tell Me a Story" is a language-based approach to learning using children's literature as the foundation for the curriculum. Concepts and activities emerge from the information and ideas presented in a particular story.  This approach also allows for the teacher to incorporate the interests and experience of the children in the group.

With guidance from the teachers, a focus book, and the concepts and topics it contains, may be investigated for three days, three weeks or even three months, depending on the interests of the children. Although teachers are drawing on the children’s interests, they are also planning with the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Curriculum Standards, Common Core State Standards and NAEYC’s  (National Association for Education of Young Children) developmentally appropriate practices in mind.  The activities planned teach children to explore and discover their world in a fun and engaging yet educational way.  Through these activities, children of all ages will have the opportunity to develop their communication, gross and fine motor, math, language, literacy, social studies and science skills on a daily basis.

Our preschool and pre-kindergarten curriculum is designed to be meaningful to the children and introduce them to ideas they will continue to learn about throughout their education.  Our goal is to expose children to a variety of experiences throughout the year by integrating concepts such as Families and Communities, Natural Sciences and Change, History and Technology, Geography and Economy, and Culture and Traditions.  Children and teachers work together to document and record the learning that takes place and reflect that learning in such ways as children’s portfolios, group projects and classroom displays.

Our classroom is organized into different learning centers that support all aspects of our curriculum.  Each learning center is filled with engaging materials for young children to experiment with, experience, and enjoy.  Children explore the concepts of our curriculum through planned activities in each of the learning centers.  Our learning centers incorporate many areas, but the most important component is that the children are learning through their play. The learning centers support the curriculum and introduce children to skills that encourage learning and build understanding, but are most of all, fun!

Fox Hill School Afternoon Explorers

This program runs daily from 1pm-4pm.
Below is a list of topics we will be exploring on a weekly basis!

Amazing Artists:

During these weeks we will be using our imaginations to create beautiful art projects and also learn about the many different styles of art and famous artists.  Children will have the opportunity to tap their inner artist using paint, oil pastels, watercolors, clay, collage and many other mediums to express themselves!

Imagination Station:

When the kids are in the Imagination Station they will be using their imaginations to bring them to exciting places through drama and dress-up!  Children may be creating masks to use in a short play they will be performing or in a FHS musical!  The sky is the limit in the Imagination Station!

Inventor Center:

Calling all inventors! If you love to tinker, fiddle and create, the Inventor Center is for you!  Kids will be using their imaginations to build all sorts of fabulous creations using a wide variety of new and recycled materials.

Little Architects:

As the name suggests, kids will be building, designing and constructing all sorts of creations.  They will be exploring Legos, blocks, gears, pulleys and any other structure they can imagine! They will explore different ways to make sturdy structures out of many different materials.  The children will explore famous buildings from around the world through pictures and try to recreate structures such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, pyramids or the St. Louis Arch!

M is for Music:

We will be exploring all sorts of music in a variety of ways!  We will learn about different types of music,music from other countries, and styles of music.  We will also make lots of different musical instruments for our classroom or to take home! A special musician will be visiting each month during our M is for Music week!

Super Science:

During Super Science weeks we will be learning how scientists work and trying some experiments of our own!  We’ll be mixing, graphing, observing, charting and cooking our way to understanding science!  Our resident scientist will be visiting each month during Super Science week, too!

What’s Your Game?

We’re going to get moving as we learn about all types of games, sports and gross motor activities!  We may also be having a sporty visitor during our game weeks!  When we’re not movin’ and groovin’ we’ll get our minds moving by playing lots of other indoor and board games!