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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Penguin Power!

As part of our Around the World in 80 Tales curriculum we learned about Antarctica. What's the most interesting things about Antarctica to a 3 year old? Penguins of course! We set up our sensory table with cold water, icebergs (Styrofoam bowls) and plastic penguins.
We challenged the kids to see if  they could float the penguins on the icebergs and also to see how many penguins it took before the iceberg sunk to the bottom and wouldn't float anymore.  The penguins and the kids had a ball with this activity!
As an art, literacy and math activity we created "B" symmetrical penguins! Our letter of the week was "B" so each child started with a peice of paper folded in half with a letter "B" traced on it in pencil. The kids were asked to dob black paint over the pencil line with their paint brushes. They also added a little orange paint at the bottom of the "B" to make feet for their penguins.
We explained what symmetry was at morning group and gave them a chance to try it out for themselves! They folded their "B" paper and rubbed it so the paint transferred to the other side which created a symmetrical penguin.
Then they glued on some googly eyes and a triangle for a beak and Voila! Symmetrical penguin! Super cute - fun and easy to make!
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