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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Multimedia Penguins

The kids at the Fox Hill School Kindergarten had a chance to create penguins, too! I was inspired by the class I took from Deep Space Sparkle to try this project with the Prek/Kindergartners. She had done it with first graders so I made a few adjustments to the process to meet the Kinders' needs. First they used tempera cake paints and water to paint a colorful, watery background for their penguins. While the background was drying they cut out the pieces of  their penguins from construction paper.
Little ones tend to make very small pieces when left to do it on their own but I wanted them to have lots of practice with the scissors from this activity so I made the shapes for them to cut in advance. Then I had them use oil pastels to create an ice berg for their penguin to stand on.
After creating all the pieces it was time to glue them all down onto the beautiful backgrounds. Take a look at their fabulous creations!
Definite Art Show material! Check back soon to see all of their other wonderful creations in the Art Show!

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